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Shyam, Madurai

As posted in the BikesZone Cycling

"Hello All,

My name is Shyam  and i am new to this thread. My research for a cycle started about 8-9 months back. At that time , i went through many forums including Bikezone to help me decide on a cycle. However for some reason it confused me even more. I started with a budget of 15k but soon realised it wouldn't meet my needs which were a very light bike that i can carry into my home on the 3rd floor, a single speed (i don't prefer gears) and a ultra smooth ride, bullet proof reliability/service.

My choice of SS limited the options available. I also didn't want to buy an imported and overpriced bike (Trek, Cannondale, Bianchi etc) and then struggle to get parts if it would break down. I wanted a world class bike however with easy and reliable access to parts

Somewhere in one of these forums, i came across a weird name Scolarian bikes. There was no review or matter on Scolarian anywhere except that the Scolarian guys had done a demo of the bike at BOTS. I went to their site and saw 4 bike models, all single speed. Voila, one of my options was met :) Their bikes weighed around 10 kgs so my other option was also met :) But the biggest challenge was to check the reliability as no one had bought a scolarian. I spoke to the Scolarian guys who are a bunch of VIT alumnis who do design work. They were very enthusiastic and helpful and offered to send me a bike free of cost to use and return it if i didn't like it. If i liked it i can pay. The only hitch, the bike costed 28K . So, here was my dilemma, should i pay this much for an Indian bike.

I went to BOTS bangalore to see a Scolarian if they stocked it. They didn't and all they had was purefix. Though i rode the prefix, for some reason, i was fixated on the Scolarian. When i asked BOTS , they weren't pushing Scolarian much and they said Purefix was better since it was a better brand and well known. However i wanted to give the scolarian guys a chance, its an Indian company after all. Lets encourage Design and make in India

I live in Madurai. I got back home, called Scolarian and asked for some customer references. I got 2 customer contacts and spoke to them . Both were incredibly happy with their bikes and recommended it 200% . I made up my mind and transferred 28K to Scolarian and got 2 brakes (one brake free). The cycle came in 2 days well wrapped.It looked even better in person.

Since then it has been about 6 months and i have ridden more than 3000kms. I started at about 10 kms per day and am currently at an average of 40kms per day and i ride about 80-100kms on weekends. The only thing that bothered me was flat tyres and once i broke the presta tube valve. When i told Scolarian that i broke the valve and wanted to order 2 more tubes they sent me 2 Kenda tubes free of cost.

Iam waiting for them to design an SS mountain bike which i would like to buy next. I have easily hit 30-40km per hour on the bike and it just flies. I think scolarian can compete with any of the imported brads like Trek/Cannondale and i sincerely hope they sell better in order to compete with the cycling gorillas.

This is a post to help out people who are looking for a new bike."

Rajesh, Chennai 

As posted on Scolarian's Facebook Page

"I thought a lot before buying from Scolarian. Now I don't regret my decision. Fixie-Yes you can give it a try, particularly if you r young please go for it Scolarian- yes 100% as far I researched their bikes are better than a foreign brand and was cheaper too. Service- I learned a lesson from these guys as to how I should treat my customers. My daughter is more happy than me, because after buying fixie I am going with for bicycle rides. To be honest I always wanted to ride a Royal Enfield bullet. Now with fixie I am equally happy and excited. I enjoy a lot riding in traffic. Many times I just show off by lifting my bicycle (9.5 kilos only), driving among autos, two wheelers and cars. Now I Have started customising my fixie. Go for it guys, you won't regret."


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