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Our Story

Circa 2015. We started off with a mission to make simple and great riding bikes. It couldn’t get simpler than a Single Speed / Fixed Gear bike. They are free from all notions of what a particular bike should be and they could be painted rad. We absolutely love building bikes and every process that comes along the way. Strong engineering principles and testing are our strengths and we design, engineer, prototype all the bikes in house and send them to be tested at various laboratories in the country. Once everything is satisfactory, it goes on to become a bike for you. And this cycle continues for all our frames, house components etc during birth and all future improvements. 


We wish to provide you with the best riding and ownership experience you can get and it has been one of our guiding principles from day 1. Also, for the trust you place on us, we will always go the extra mile whenever and wherever needed not because we have to but because we want to.

We have evolved considerably over the years. Learning from all of you about the geometry, performance aspects, components,  needs and wants of individual riders. It helped us build better bikes and equip them with better components. This also led us to start making custom bikes in 2018. We engineered all our tools, jigs and fixtures for everything we needed to build completely custom frames and forks. Today, we can bring to life almost any bike you dream of and are constantly working to develop our capabilities further. So, we would like to thank all of you who have shaped us to what we are today. 


We started off with Single Speed / Fixed Gear bikes but are venturing out to newer avenues. Future is exciting!


Keep pedaling! Cheers!

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