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Custom Bikes

Handmade Bikes tailored for You and how You ride

Your Dream Build

A bike built from ground up only for you. And we are not talking about picking up parts and putting it on a frame or modifying an already existing bike. A truly bespoke bike, based on your needs and preferences. Starts with the geometry, frame tubing choices then machined and brazed. Finished and painted according to your choice of art and colour.

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Bike Specifications

Material: Steel. Know more about various types of bike building steel.

Steel Tubing options: Scolarian 4130 Chromoly Butted Tubes or Reynolds Technology UK 853, 725, 631, 525 alloy

Bike build options: Fixed gear/Single Speed, BMX, Road, Gravel, Rigid MTB, Hardtail MTB

Components: We have OEM tie ups with various brands of bike components that you can choose from. We can build the bike around any components that you might already own or plan to procure on your own.


Price Guide:

Frameset & Fork


Payment terms: 50% payment as a deposit and 50% before shipment.

Lead Time: 40-60 Days

We offer Free Home Delivery to the places serviced by our courier partners.

You can confirm the order by making a 50% advance payment, we will build the bike in 40-60 working days and ship it via Delhivery which would take more 5-7 days to deliver.

Take a look at behind the scenes of the workshop to get a feel of  how we make your bikes.

The ownership Journey

01 / Get in Touch

If you are interested in getting a frame made by us or are exploring bikes and would like to know some more before you commit, do call, email or fill the below contact form with the details. If you happen to be in Coimbatore you are welcome to visit us and understand the process personally. Do call and confirm with us before dropping in as we might not be available all the time.

02 / Understanding Your Requirements

You are unique and so are your aspirations and expectations. We will converse with you to understand all of it and your riding history. We will have to finalise some of the components at this stage to get an idea on what the frame would be like and what parts are to be made.

03 / Fit & Design

This is the most important step of the journey. It is best to build a bike which will fit you best or fits you best to achieve your performance goals. We can go ahead with either of the three options:

  1. Get a bike fit done at your nearest Bike shop and share the cordinates with us.

  2. For those riders who tell us “I’ve ridden 'x' forever. I know it fits. But I want it with a Scolarian touch”. No one knows what fits better than you. Or geometry of a particular bike that you really liked and just want to replicate that on the new bike. We will work together, delivering you a bike uniquely refined to your ride specifications but in your selected geometry.

This is also where we will decide which tubes to use and what your preference is, stiffness wise and show you a 2D and/or 3D representation of your bike. Once you sign off on the final design, we start our preparations for building the bike.

 04 / Build & Paint

This is the hardest part... waiting while we do our thing. It usually takes about 3 weeks from your design and components being finalised to the paint finish. Generally we like to start work only after we have all the components with us especially those which affect the clearances. Or at least accurate measurement data of the components. Once we are all set, we cut and miter the frame and fork (if chromoly) tubes to size. Get all the allied parts (dropouts and fixtures) machined and braze it all together. It is then checked for alignment and prepared for painting. We will then discuss the finish, shades or colour, artwork, text, stickers if any to be put on the frame.

05 / Assembly & Delivery

 We are inching towards the happy day. We also understand that over time some of your component choices might change and we will be happy to incorporate these as long as they are within the mechanical compatibility and clearances with other parts and the frameset. Our master mechanic will check for all fits, assemble and adjust them to your liking. We will notify you when we are ready to assemble and deliver. You can either pick it up or we can arrange for it to be shipped to you.

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