Fixed Gear / Single Speed

The Must Have Bike. SS/Fixed bikes are insane fun to ride, versatile and very easy to maintain.

Our line of great riding Fixie / SS bikes. This is the curation of the bikes we currently build in stock size. They are a result of countless hours of engineering, prototyping, refining, listening to customers, testing and riding out parts that we have liked over the years. Have a look and let us know which one is going to be your next ride.

  • MDS06541.jpg

    Zanskar 1.0

    Our base setter. Looks great and fun to ride


    ₹ 38,320

  • red1.0(full Bike) (1 of 1)-2.jpg

    Zanskar 1.0 Road

    Our base setter. Looks great and fun to ride


    ₹ 45,500

  • 2.0 (1 of 1).jpg

    Zanskar 2.0

    With component upgrades and bigger tire clearance than 1.0


    ₹ 51,000

  • dual-4.jpg

    Zanskar Frameset

    Build your own spec’d bike with this proven skeleton


    ₹ 21,000 

  • Scolarian%20Custom_edited.jpg

    Zanskar Custom

     Custom Geometry & top of the line component upgrades


    ₹ 55,000

  • SCOLARIANBASE19-20-2.jpg


    Check out, match your size & if you like it grab it at a discount


    ₹ 35,000