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Paint Pots and Color Wheel

Breathe new life into your existing bike  by repainting it.

Custom Paint Works

Buying a used bike but want a different shade? Or Chipped your paint in a crash? Or just want a new shade on your existing bike? You have landed on the correct page. 

Since, we paint all our custom bikes to the rider's choice of art work and paint job, we thought, it would be great to open it up to all you guys as well. We have done various kinds of experimental art work over time and would love to work with you to bring your wildest ideas to life. Almost any colour is possible and various types- single shade, multi shade, fusion paints etc. 

Lead Time - 10 days from the day we receive the parts at our office

Price Guide -

Single Colour of frame and fork : From ₹ 15,000*

Multi Colour of frame and fork : From ₹ 19,000*

Graphic design service:  From ₹ 2,000*

*GST additional

Process mentioned below

The Process

  1. Get in Touch with your idea - Message us, email us or call us and let us know your requirements, what parts and what material they are made of. 

  2. Quotation & Deposit -  After we finalise some of the basic schemes and number of colours involved, we will be able to generate a quotation to give you an idea of what the cost would come up to. Once you approve the offer, we will take an advance of 50% as a confirmation.

  3. We get the bike picked up - We have tie ups with various courier companies and should be able to pick it up from almost anywhere in India. It would be ideal for you to dismantle the bike and pack only the parts that need to be painted but fret not. If you can’t, you can pack the entire bike and we will dismantle it here, paint it, assemble it and ship back. 

  4. Prepare the frame - A smooth foundation is one of the secrets to a lustrous paint finish. Depending on the frame material, the right method to strip the paint is chosen such that it doesn’t affect the frame. It is then worked upon to smoothen out the imperfections on the material surface. We then apply the primer on this polished surface..

  5. Paint layers - The primer surface is polished again to get a smooth surface. Base layers are applied and then starts the masking and de-masking process to achieve the desired details. This takes the most amount of time and effort.

  6. Finishing - Two layers of gloss are applied to make the finish durable and let the paint shine through for a glossy finish or let it just be for a matte. 

  7. Ship back - Once the complete payment is made, we ship it back to you. 

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