I m 58 and I ride a fixed gear!

Rider: Kishore Bit

Location: Cuttack, Odisha. INDIA

Scolarian Customer on Bike

“I have been riding cycles all my life, earlier for commuting and then for recreation by over a decade now. With much hesitation, doubts and confusion, I chose a fixie which was really a big challenge for my age. I was quite apprehensive towards its brakeless system and pondered on how to stop a bike by fighting with the pedals. This made me fix an additional brake on my new bike. Now, after riding 1000 odd kilometres in 42 days, I feel like stripping off both the brakes (but haven’t done yet, keeping the unruly city traffic in mind). It is quite easy to modulate at low-speed in a city like Cuttack. Apart from commuting around the town, I have started to ride long to Puri, Bhubaneswar and farther. After riding a fixie, I felt that my earlier 10 years of geared bike cycling was kind of cheating to myself. Now, I find more joy in continuous pedaling than coasting. I flipped over to the freewheel one day and felt so lifeless that I flipped back to the fixed gear right away. Now, I feel Fixed is all I want. I am content with its simplicity and down-to-earth approach for a more intimate and silent ride.  This light weightedness inspires me to train daily, for power and energy, pushing my limits every day. After overcoming the initial fear, I find, it is incredibly easy to ride a fixie, even at my age. We complain about bad roads, people riding rash, the weather but it is just the matter of starting to ride. The fear transforms into courage and you ride along. It not only changes your perspective to road discipline but you also influence others. And yes I am 58 and I love my bike! “

Find your rush. Get Out and Ride!

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