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Bike Fit

Bike fit is the process of setting up a bike for a given rider to optimize their performance, comfort and efficiency. 

Each individual is different and our long cycling analysis experience and the constant education we undergo allows us to bring the best services to you. 

We offer various bike fitting services that range from helping you choose the right bike based on your physical assessment and objectives, a bikefit on your existing bike(s), cleat fitting, custom bike building, consulting, etc. 

Read on, to get an overview of the process we follow for a bike fit. But first.. 

The story of Two Engines 

Internal Combustion Engine

An engine is designed to put out the demanded power by burning and converting the energy stored in the fuel to usable energy in the most efficient way possible. Engineers spend countless hours to achieve this by perfecting the fuel flow rate, piston & crank arm dimensions, angle of activation etc. And each of these parts can be modified to get the desired result. 

Human Body

In the case of a bike, you, the human body are the engine. To churn out the desired power in the most efficient way possible you have to be in the right position. Being in a comfortable position and pain free in your style of riding is one of the most crucial factors. Also, learning which muscle group you might be under utilising or over straining can improve your performance on the saddle. So, whether you are an amateur, pro or a leisure rider everyone stands to benefit from getting a bike fit done. Add the evolving body to this mix and you start to appreciate why getting a bike fit could make a world of a difference to your riding.

The Process

Step 1:


Every rider is different. One rider might be very powerful but might not be very supple, one might live in a flat area and doesn’t do any climbing whereas another might be living in the hills where there is not a flat road in sight. Some are interested in riding brevets, others only in short time trials. Because each one’s circumstances are different we first aim to understand the rider, their goals, the kind of riding they intend to do as well as their past exercise history. The better picture we have of the rider, the more precise we can make the fit.

We focus on understanding a rider’s riding goals and any past or ongoing injuries on or off the bike, including any discomfort the rider experiences during or after their rides. This will inform the next step in our process and any physical limitations for the bike fit.

Step 2:

Pain, injury and discomfort evaluation

Step 3:

Physical assessment

The physical assessment will look at body measurements, flexibility, strength … We are particularly interested in any asymmetries and in analysing the foot to ensure we can optimise the foot/pedal interface. We might ask you to see a physiotherapist if we suspect there are any issues and which can be improved by specific treatment.

Step 4: And now finally on to the bike...

Option I

Bike Fit on Existing Bike

₹ 11,000

  • Cleat fitting and optimise foot/pedal interface (fit wedges and shims as required)

  • Optimise saddle position (within limitation of existing frame)

  • Determine optimal reach to handlebars using an adjustable stem

As this fit is restricted by the frame geometry we might not be able to achieve the most optimal fit. However, we will get you as close as the frame geometry allows. We recommend every rider to use cleated shoes as this guarantees the optimum fit on the bike every time. Without cleats the foot can move fore and aft affecting the relative saddle position.

Option II

Cycling Analysis on Fit Rig

₹ 14,000 (Standalone Service)

₹ 14,000 (For riders who are getting a Custom Bike built by us)

Our most comprehensive cycling analysis service!!

All the services in Option I plus:

  • Fitting on the fit rig and determining ideal frame sizing and geometry

  • Saddle evaluation (we have a range of Fizik and Syncross saddles available for testing)

  • Handlebar evaluation (we have a full range of handlebars in every width from 36cmm to 46cm available for testing)

  • Pedal stroke analysis

  • Transfer of ideal measurements to existing bike

  • Advice on optimal frame/geometry and recommendation for stem length, handlebar width

Where can I get the bike fit done?

At the moment we have the facility only in Coimbatore. But, we can  come to your city to conduct bikefits if you have a group of cyclists who need our services. Please get in touch to discuss possibilities.


Can I get the bike fit as a standalone service without committing to purchase a frame from Scolarian?

Yes. Absolutely. Whether you are in the market to buy a new bike or want to fit your existing bike better, you can avail our bike fit service. 

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